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When you do a side-by-side test of the flavor, the taste isn’t even comparable.
— Rob Wing, Executive Chef at Eataly
(Indoor vertical farms) could help meet demand for what was once impossible: fresh, locally grown produce, all year round.
— The Economist

We are building a global network of indoor vertical vegetables farms. We design, build, own and operate. 

We took an old idea and made it new. Green Sense Farms is transforming farming by growing leafy greens in stacking vertical towers, 365 days a year. We grow high quality crops consistently, using automated computer controls, which provide the precise amount of light, nutrients, water, temperature, and humidity, so we can harvest year-round.  

Our first farm was built in Portage, Indiana and made its first shipment to Whole Foods Midwest distribution center in March 2014 when it was -20 degrees Fahrenheit outside. 

We are a high tech agriculture company that is constantly innovating and developing better ways to grow indoors that use less energy, reduce greenhouse gas emission, minimize waste, and recycle water to produce the best crop. By putting these farms at the point of consumption and distribution, we reduce the amount of miles food travels and ensure that our produce is fresh and nutritious.

Green Sense Farms controls the entire process from seed to supermarket. We grow, pack, and ship our leafy green vegetables and comply with rigorous food safety and product traceability programs. Would you like to be part of our Farm Network? Contact