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Green Sense Radio is a 30-minute public affairs program highlighting innovators implementing market based solutions to environmental challenges. We cover a wide range of topics including energy, transportation, agriculture, waste and water management, the built environment, and health. Visit our website every Monday to hear the latest show or download our complete library of podcasts from Podbean, iTunes, or Stitcher.


Chris Higgins of HortAmerica joins us to help explain what the labels ‘organic’ and ‘locally grown’ on food products actually mean – and they are still useful.  


Biosphere 2, originally built as a self-contained ecosystem to research maintaining human life in outer space, grabbed a lot of headlines during its debut in the early 90s. See the University of Arizona’s latest cutting edge research on sustaining life under the dome.


Parts of America’s newest National Park, Indiana Dunes, recently had to be shut down because of a chemical spill which flowed into Lake Michigan killing hundreds of fish. Nearby communities were not informed about the dangers for a matter of days.


Major League Baseball has been making major strides when it comes to sustainability. All 30 teams have their own innovative ways to reduce waste, conserve resources and to encourage fans to do the same!


We know that wind turbines are a clean source of power, but we’re learning more ways they can generate power more effectively! Wake-steering, which is pointing turbines slightly away from oncoming wind can improve both the quantity and quality of power.


While indoor vertical farming with 100% artificial light has been getting a lot of attention, greenhouses, something that’s been around much longer, could be coming back thanks to new ways of integrating the two approaches.


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Meet The Broadcasting Team


Robert Colangelo: Host

Robert Colangelo is an established entrepreneur and community minded businessman with an infectious entrepreneurial spirit. He has founded several leading for profit and not for profit environmental organizations including the National Brownfield Association, Green Sense Farms and Green Sense Radio Show. Through his experience as a scientist, author, and entrepreneur he has realized that sustainability efforts need to make common sense and economic sense to be effective. It is this idea that inspired Robert to create the Green Sense brand and implement technology based solutions to reduce agriculture’s impact on environmental resource usage.



Bob Kessler is a 25-year radio veteran who's been with Green Sense Radio since 2010. He's also currently Assistant Managing Editor for Rivet Smart Audio, a content partner with Green Sense, and is a news anchor & reporter with WGN-AM Chicago. He also was the Executive Producer for the nationally syndicated 'Ramsey Lewis Morning Show' and internationally syndicated 'Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis,' both hosted by the Grammy winning jazz pianist.


CHRIS HIGGINS: Agriculture Specialist

Chris Higgins is the founder and owner of Urban Ag News. Urban Ag News is an educational website that focuses on controlled environment agricultural practices, sciences, market data and operations. As an agripreneur Chris has invested in a variety of other companies including Hort Americas, LLC. With over 20 years of experience, Chris is dedicated to improving and expanding the horticulture and niche agriculture industries.


SARAH GUTTERMAN: Built Environment Specialist

Sara is the Co-Founder and CEO of Green Builder® Media, the leading media company in North America focused on green building and sustainable living. Sara has established a reputation for herself as a passionate advocate for sustainability. Sara was a venture capitalist with Boulder Ventures, a national venture capital firm that manages $350 million. Sara has been involved in the life cycle from funding to exit of over 20 companies.


TOM APPEL: Transportation Specialist

Beginning with a high school service-station job pumping gas and turning wrenches, Tom has usually managed to work around cars. Tom joined Consumer Guide Automotive® in 2001 and moved into the Publisher’s role in 2012. Tom is also president emeritus of the Midwest Automotive Media Association. He lives in suburban Chicago with his wife, college-age daughter, two cats, about 50 fish, and several antique German tube radios.